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Five positive factors for the new high tide of disposable medical devices in the future

2017-06-21 Hits:1727
For the Chinese medical device market, 2010 is an extraordinary year, a landmark year. In this year, all medical giants such as GE, Siemens, Philips, Toshiba and other medical tycoons were all ahead of time to achieve the 2010 annual sales target. Taking this year as a starting point, many favorable factors intertwined, will set off a new climax of the future development of China's medical device market.
The first important positive factor came from the new health care reform.
In April 2009, the State Council introduced a new medical system reform programme, which promised to invest 850 billion yuan (US $123 billion) in the three years from 2009 to 2011 to advance the reform. The programme plans to establish a national health insurance system, which will cover 90% of the Chinese population in 2010, and strive to establish a three-dimensional medical security system to cover the whole country by 2015, with a focus on improving the construction of rural areas and community health service centers.
As a result, our country's new medical system reform direction has been basically clear, the state will increase the public health system and urban community, rural grass-roots medical and health construction.
I believe that China's medical reform is tilted to the grass-roots level, and the income of the medical device industry will be difficult to estimate. According to the data of the Ministry of health, the average gap of hospital equipment allocation in more than 2000 counties in China is 30%. Specifically, this includes the construction of more than 2000 county hospitals, more than 5000 central township hospitals and 2400 community health service centers and 30 thousand -5 million village health rooms.
It can be foreseen that with the new medical reform, from this year on, China's medical device market will usher in a period of rapid development.
Second is the choice for products to be upgraded comprehensively.
Since the reform and opening up, the comprehensive strength of our country is increasing, but compared with foreign countries, the hardware and equipment conditions of our medical institutions are still rather backward in general, so it is urgent to renew and replace them.
The statistics show that there are 563 hospitals in our country and more than 5000 hospitals above the county level, and 5000 hospitals above the county level. In 11th Five-Year, the medical service institutions, including the community hospitals, are 31 million. It is not difficult to find that over 80% of China's medical institutions are private clinics and grassroots medical institutions below the county level. And these medical institutions have medical instruments and equipment, about 15% or around 1970s, and 60% are before the mid - 80s of last century.
Since our country has not promulgated the medical equipment management regulations, some of the medical equipment which should be eliminated and discarded are still in use so far and still have not been changed and upgraded. The process of updating the old, old, disabled and secondary medical devices will release the huge market demand, which will guarantee the rapid growth of the Chinese medical equipment market for the next 10 years or even longer. And this does not include equipment for upgrading the third and two grade hospitals.
Third, the adjustment of consumption structure has brought huge space to the medical device market.
The adjustment of consumption structure will also promote the growth of China's medical device market. In the past 10 years, the growth rate of China's medical device market has always been faster than that of the drug market. Even so, China's medical device industry is still in the "nascent" stage, belonging to the sunrise industry. In developed countries, the output value of the medical equipment and equipment industry and the pharmaceutical industry is 1:1.9; in China, this ratio is only 1:5. This is evident from the development potential of China's medical device market.
I think the adjustment of consumption structure will also give the market huge room for development. In the future, the growth rate of China's medical device market will be faster than that of the pharmaceutical industry.
Fourth. Aging population and rising demand for health care.
At present, the problem of population aging has attracted more and more attention in our society. With the rapid growth of the population aging process, the demand for medical services is also increasing. At the same time, the demand for medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment of disease will also show an incremental upward trend. It is estimated that by 2020, the proportion of China's population over 65 will increase to 13.6%, and it will increase to 23.7% in 2050. In this process, the demand for medical devices related to aging will rapidly increase.
Besides, people's demand for health care will also greatly increase. As the economy continues to develop and the living standard of the residents is increasing, more and more Chinese people in the future will face the same health problems as people in the developed countries.
Statistics show that the top 10 diseases in China's population death are malignant tumor, cerebrovascular disease, heart disease, respiratory system disease, injury and poisoning, digestive system disease, endocrine and nutrition and metabolism, diabetes, neurologic disease and mental disorder. Among them, malignant tumors, cerebrovascular diseases, heart diseases and respiratory diseases account for nearly 80% of the deaths in China.
Many of the above diseases are rich and precious. Therefore, more and more patients will seek advanced medical technology to treat these diseases, which will form a huge demand for the most advanced medical devices. Many level three first-class hospitals need sophisticated medical products to provide services for the rich patients, and these patients are willing to pay for the treatment of the best equipment.
Fifth. Growth potential brought by digital medical development
Digital medical treatment is a new type of modern medical treatment which applies modern computer technology and information technology to the whole medical process. It is the development direction and management goal of public medical treatment. In developed countries, digital medical technology has been quite mature, and China is basically blank in this field.
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